Pensacola, Florida

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OOC Information:

Domain: FL024D
Website: [1]
VST: Chris Duesler
DST: Steve Shasteen

Court Officers

Prince & Prince-appointed

Pierre St. Claud (Daeva, Carthian)
Pierre is ineffectual at best, disasterous at worst. He also appears to be largely a puppet to his Sheriff, Dominion. It should be noted that it is the threat of Dominion's ability to import viscious Dragons that allows Pierre to remain in power.
Prince's Harpy 
Lorelei (Daeva, Carthian)
Absentee at most occasions; useless the rest of the time. It should be noted that she is the Prince's childe.
Dominion (Gangrel, Ordo Dracul)
Dominion is a person of ever changing loyalties. She holds great power within the Dragons, but seems to use none of it on the local Dragons. Instead, she imports outside Ordo members to serve Pierre's desires; which are the ones she gave him in the first place. It's an odd relationship.
Daisuke (Mekhet, Carthian)
This one spends most of his time obfuscated. If you think you are in a private area, don't say it anyway; because he's probably right there with you.
Keeper of Elysium 
Dr. Lucien Fairmont(Ventrue, Crone)

Priscus Council

The Priscus Council represents the larger power-base within Pensacola. The rest of the power-base resides with Dominion and her Ordo Dracul minions.
Ventrue Priscus 
Dr. Lucien Fairmont (Crone)
Daeva Priscus 
Erika Alexandria (Invictus)
Tolerant of the Crones and their eccentric behaviors; Erika is engaged to Dr. Lucien Fairmont.
Nosferatu Priscus 
Vincent Nicoletti (Invictus)
Vincent has been known to be semi-allied to Dr. Lucien Fairmont, yet recent events have seemed to put somewhat of a damper on their relationship.
Gangrel Priscus 
Maxwell Seiger (Ordo Dracul)
Maxwell has openly opposed the only real Crone within the City (Lucien), however is his own person. A well structured arguement and real facts can maneuver Maxwell quite well.
Mekhet Priscus 
Jonathan Kennsington (Lancea Sanctum)
Full of pride and his own arrogance, Jonathan Kennsington is a pawn of anyone who can offer him something of value, or apparent power of the offerer. He also serves the Lancea Sanctum as ArchBishop, and therefore makes the Lancea malleable to outside desires.
Priscus Harpy 
Kris Tera (Mekhet, Lancea Sanctum)
Sister Tera is fairminded and dutiful. She is a credit to Pensacola as Priscus Harpy. Though she is Lancea Sanctum and Jonathan's Childe, she has yet to favor her relations in opposition to her duties.
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